OBJECTIVE SOLUTIONS: Helping Organisations navigate complex technology decisions

Many organisations are investing in technology to modernise, transform or simply keep up with the pace of change and regulation. Large change projects are notoriously complex, attract a high failure rate and can threaten the entire organisation.

How can we help?

Based in Dunedin with a national outlook we already work with a number of high-profile New Zealand organisations including:

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The core service we provide is high quality project management and delivery but please get in touch regarding the following services, established to help organisations achieve success whilst retaining control of technology related projects.

Project rescue

With a background in software development and experience in correcting major projects in the Lloyd's of London insurance market, the rescue service helps executives facing the following challenges:

    • Projects running over budget and schedule with a lack of authenticity in the reasons provided
    • Suppliers and vendors who frequently look to shift the blame, are not prepared to take ownership and appear to have forgotten who the customer is
    • Well-meaning project managers who are unable to furnish you with believable facts as to why things are taking so long and costing so much
    • A lack of confidence in the delivery schedule and ambiguity around what success looks like
    • Poor, generic and stale risk articulation with a lack of clarity on specific mitigation actions and responsibility

Project risk and Independent Quality Assurance (IQA)

An ongoing partnership with PwC permits an IQA service offering via their world-class and widely trusted project risk service. Get in touch and we will quickly assess how best to help your governance team gain an independent view of the true risks facing your programme.

Software system integrator selection

Investing in the right software is complicated with a growing range of options. We can help by...

    • running your Request For Proposal process, bringing templates and tools to accelerate this time consuming process
    • rapidly extracting your requirements and performing market scans, drawing upon our experience to narrow the options down
    • helping to build an architecture to describe your current, target and future states aligned to organisational strategy
    • evaluating vendors who are looking to implement and configure your chosen solution
    • forming an expert view on the maturity of contractual documentation and provide advice on strengthening the level of protection offered

Health checks

Whether you need to reset an existing vendor relationship or you require an independent view on the performance of your IT team and service providers, we can help restore the image of your technology services. We can use your data to understand if you are paying software license fees for technology modules you are not using.

Data governance

An increasing number of industry leaders understand that data quality is hampering their ability to scale and automate manual processes. They also understand that data quality is not an IT issue but a business one. However without a well designed strategy, initiatives in this space tend to focus on data cleansing exercises which are often fruitless and do not result in meaningful change. We bring experience in taking executives through data journeys in order that critical data sets and flows are understood semantically and prioritised. From there, the organisation can begin to trust these and move towards being a data-driven organisation.